Auto Air Conditioning And Heating Services

Whether it is your daily commute to the workplace, a weekend trip, or a long drive, you cannot do it without air conditioning in the summer or heat in the winter. The scorching sun and a broken AC system will turn the joyful ride into a dreadful event. Similarly, your heating system is crucial to maintain warmth during the winter. Without an advanced heating and AC system, the design of modern high-tech vehicles is impossible.

These are the essential features every customer would look for when buying a vehicle.

To ensure the high functional efficiency of the heating / AC system, you should schedule regular maintenance.

Our expert technicians at Just7 prescribe scheduling AC / heating services every year. You might not be aware of the issues in your car’s AC / Heating system. The problems can be inefficient cooling or heating, bad odors, compressor breakdown, and more.

What Do We Include In Our AC / Heating Services?

Just7’s certified technicians perform a wide range of car air conditioning (AC) & heating services. Our comprehensive services include:

  • Inspection of exhaust filters
  • Recharging extra refrigerant to maintain pressure
  • Cleaning the AC / heating ducts
  • Using fluorescent dye to check system leaks
  • Eliminating bad odors
  • Repairing, cleaning, and replacing cooling fans
  • Testing of all the AC / heating parts
  • Check refrigerant levels and leaks
  • Regular maintenance
  • Examining the efficiency and operation of the blower fan
  • Check the expansion valve
  • Replacement of the AC / heating system with high-quality components
  • Check evaporators
  • Check AC / heating system PSI pressure. It is essential to verify Freon levels
  • Quick diagnosing of the problems and repairing
  • Check the condition of the condenser, heating furnace, seals, switches, and fuses
  • Recharge or replace compressors
  • Check output temperature

The auto AC and heating systems are efficient and robust. To keep the efficiency long-lasting, get scheduled maintenance of the AC / heating components at Just7. Our expert technicians will offer the best AC / heating services at affordable rates.

Are you looking for an auto service provider for repairing or replacing the auto AC / heating system? Book your appointment today! You can meet us in person, contact us through a phone call or use our online services.

We are here to provide top-notch auto AC / heating services to our customers. Our prominent locations are in the Dallas Metroplex. It includes Lewisville, Arlington, Euless, Carrollton, Camp Wisdom, and Red Bird in Dallas.