Want To Enhance Safety While Driving?

Want To Enhance Safety While Driving?

Brake Repair And Maintenance Is Essential.

Ensuring efficient functioning of the brake system is crucial for your safety and the passengers in your car, truck, or another vehicle. You must watch out for the warning signs indicating the condition of the brakes. At Just7, we offer cost-effective brake repairing, replacement, inspection, and maintenance services.

What Do We Include In Our Brake Assessment Services?

  • Check Brake Functions: Ensure the measurement of brake pad thickness Check Brake Fluids – Inspect the fluid levels and leakage
  • Check The Function of Brake Rotors / Drums -Identify whether you need brake replacement or resurfacing
  • Check Wheel Cylinders And Its Functions
  • Check Brake Hardware: Determining the wear and tear of brakes
  • Check Function of Brake Hoses – Regularly check the hoses to avoid breakdown or wearing out

What Do We Include In Our Brake Assessment Services?

At Just7, we advise you to have a complete inspection of the brake system.

The inspection comprises a comprehensive assessment of the brake function, hoses, fuel filters, filters, belts, shocks, suspensions, struts, and motor mounts.

Why Is Brake Assessment Essential For The Vehicle?

  • A brake assessment from a certified technician is crucial to diagnose problems with the brake system
  • You will receive a detailed estimation of necessary services to enhance the efficiency of the brake system The estimation will include overall cost, time, work progress, and brake parts requirement
  • You will receive recommendations to choose the most efficient parts for your vehicle

What Will Our Brake Services Include?

  • Replacement of Brake Pads
  • Resurface Brake Rotors / drums
  • Replacement of Brake Fluid Flush
  • Re-align Brake Calliper & Rotor
  • Replace The Brake Calliper
  • Replace Brake Hose
  • Replace Brake Master Cylinder

Just7 technicians employ advanced diagnostic equipment to provide extensive brake services to every client. We strive to offer you the best brake repairing, replacement, and maintenance services in a timely manner. Book an appointment today to schedule your brake repair and maintenance service at Just7.