Want To Keep Your Car New And Efficient? Perform Regular Maintenance

Scheduled Maintenance is a little thing that makes a huge difference in the performance of your car. Most often, car maintenance takes a minute and can be easily tackled by the technicians. By failing to maintain your car could prove to be costly down the road.

At, we offer scheduled car maintenance to assure peak performance and trouble-free driving throughout the year. Manufacturers embrace advanced technologies to build stronger and more durable automobiles.

Want To Keep Your Car New And Efficient? Perform Regular Maintenance

After a certain period, the parts will wear down and lose their original efficiency. Therefore, to keep the car parts intact and efficient, you should perform regular maintenance.

When Is The Right Time To Schedule Car Maintenance?

Perform Scheduled Maintenance - 3,000 Miles or Every Three Months

The given below maintenance checks are essential after every three months or 3,000 miles:

  • Check fuel filter
  • Check tire pressure, tread, wear and tear
  • Check wiper fluid levels and power steering fluid
  • Check the engine oil and air filter
  • Check hoses, belts, and exhaust system
  • Check all the lights of the automobile

Perform Scheduled Maintenance - 6,000 Miles or Every Six Months

Besides preventive maintenance of your car, it’s recommended that you should check various essential things every six months or 6000 miles.

  • Check car battery and cables
  • Ensure functioning of chassis lubrication
  • Check windshield wipers
  • Polish your vehicle

Scheduled Maintenance - 12,000 Miles Or Every 12 Months

In addition to three and six months of maintenance, you must follow up with yearly maintenance of your car.
The following maintenance should be performed every year or 12,000 miles.

  • Check functions of the brake system
  • Check Coolant levels
  • Check fluid levels
  • Check suspension and steering

Scheduled Car Maintenance Required Every Month

Monthly maintenance is simple, and you can perform it at your own place.
The monthly maintenance includes:

  • Check the functioning of the engine light.
  • The level of windshield wiper fluid. (It should be filled)
  • Keep the interior and exterior clean.
  • Check the functioning of all the interior and exterior lights.
  • Check tread and tire pressure.

Scheduled maintenance should be performed in a way to keep your warranty valid.

Just7 is authorized to perform maintenance services recommended by the manufacturers. We strongly advise you to perform the scheduled maintenance services suggested by the manufacturer.

Besides regular maintenance, we may recommend other services based on auto inspection and industry standards.

At Just7, we have a staff of highly-skilled, well-trained, and experienced technicians who will help prevent expensive repairs to your car, van, or light truck.

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